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Sobrelias.com has included several Grupo Coviñas wines in its online wine guide. This magazine is aimed at the wine tourism sector and has tasted and scored several of our Aula wines, as well as our Veterum Vitium and Enterizo Reserva 2015, and we couldn’t be prouder of their scores!  Do you want to know how Sobrelias.com rates our wines? Find out by reading this post!

The perfect wine guide for wine tourism devotees 

Do you love wine, but are reluctant to try something new? Can’t find the reviews of the wines you fancy checking out? Are you searching for your perfect wine or just enjoy wine tourism? Then Sobrelias.com is the perfect wine guide for you. It’s an online magazine that has reviews and ratings for over 2,000 wines! Among these are a few from Grupo Coviñas.

This wine guide was born of its founders’ love for wine. Their dream was – and is – to discover the different localities and wines of Spain, and their keenness to help promote – nationally and internationally – Spanish wine in the digital sphere, has seen them establish themselves as one of the best online wine guides.

The Sobrelias.com team tastes, assesses and rates – as objectively as possible – Spanish wines and a good few non-Spanish ones with some clear aims:

  • To offer a completely free and accessible online wine guide.
  • To reach out to all wine lovers and help them to buy wine according to their own preferences.
  • To position themselves as a leading search engine destination 
  • To highlight as many Spanish wineries as possible.

These maverick wine lovers and wine professionals have not only managed to create a totally different kind of wine guide from the kind we’re used to seeing, they have also impressed us with their tireless efforts during these difficult times.

Lockdown and the difficult situation that this has meant for wineries in Spain, has prompted them to update their wine guide fortnightly, managing to taste 2,113 wines over the course of the year, which is a great contribution to the wine sector. It allows us to stay visible despite the distancing regulations.

Our wines are included in this wine guide 

Sobrelias.com has included several of our wines in its newly updated wine guide, awarding them excellent scores in the process. These ratings are awarded by a Tasting Committee, with a view to ensuring the most objective ratings possible

Our Aula wines have achieved the following scores as a group:

wine guide

Following the ratings associated with the points system used by Sobrelias.com, these points can be understood as:

  • Aula de Autor Syrah 2016: Very good.
  • Aula de Autor Cabernet Sauvignon 2016: Very good.
  • Aula de Autor Merlot 2016:  Very good.
  • Aula Cava Reserva NV:  Very good.
  • Aula Verdejo 2019:  Very good.
wine guide

Our Veterum Vitium is right up there and its qualities have been acknowledged by the guide making it a very good wine.

wine guide

Although, without a shadow of a doubt, our Enterizo Reserva 2015 is the wine that has really wowed the Sobrelias.com professionals. In this case our wine has achieved a score of 92 points, which means it is rated as an excellent wine.

wine guide

“It surprises by not being a standard reserva wine. It is atypical, intriguing and off-beat”, in the words of José Luis del Campo, one of the wine professionals behind this wine guide, as he tasted our Enterizo Reserva. 

In the course of the video of the tasting, del Campo describes the feelings that our wine evoked in him, defining it as a complex wine due to the grape varieties that it is made from, yet fruity and refreshing despite being a reserva wine. This all goes to make our Enterizo Reserva  an attractive wine on its own terms, but also one which, once you’ve tried it, is definitely moreish.

Do you need any more reasons to try our Enterizo Reserva? If so, we invite you to discover all its potential under the guidance of José Luis del Campo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5RkIr_h30k

Don’t miss out on our Enterizo Reserva, or any of our other Utiel Requena wines!

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