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It was only a few days ago that it officially became summer in Spain (although we have been having summer days and temperatures for weeks now). At Coviñas we are all for good weather (duh!). Fine weather but with a bit more to it, because for us good weather is to be enjoyed just the way we like it, without keeping an eye on the time, and sometimes without moderation. Today we bring you different ideas for enjoying the summer with wine included. Because summer, sunshine, and a glass of wine in the hand go together, don’t they?

This year’s summer suggestions (ordered chronologically from morning to evening) are:


-Picnic lunch with wine: We have left early in the morning for a hike in the mountains and a morning of hiking calls for a backpack with a mid-morning snack to keep our strength up. We need a knife to cut those chunks of regional cheese and sausage (we could take some pork scratchings with us, although our stomachs may hang heavy during the walk back…). Along with our elevenses, two glasses and a bottle of Enterizo Bobal Rosé emerge from our refrigerated backpack, kept at maximum chill level. The perfect way to keep us going.

-Aperitif by the sea: You’re lucky enough to have a house with a sea view or, failing that, you’ve packed chairs and a sunshade for a day at the beach. It’s 12:30 pm and time for a summer aperitif. We picture a bottle of Aula Macabeo Sauvignon Blanc with some smoked salmon and cream cheese nibbles. If the opportunity arises, a tapa of red prawns with our Cava Enterizo Brut Nature is not to be sniffed at.

-Pool and wine: A summer classic, surely. A while to go till lunch, you’re at the edge of the pool, feet dangling in the water and you’re enjoying a glass of Aula rosé, to match the peace and sense of wellbeing of the moment, or alongside a good book in the hand that isn’t holding the glass.


summer with wine

-Paella and cava: Everyone to the table, it’s time for lunch. We are served, under a beautiful pine tree, a magnificent paella for eight and there are several bottles of Cava Aula Brut Nature chilling nicely in the champagne cooler. Our bodies crave those fine bubbles and that cooling balm. With this food and wine pairing we can keep going at table until the evening…

-Board games and cheese board: This is the perfect combination to follow the paella we’ve just enjoyed. Out come the playing cards, a game or two of Crazy Eights, with a plate of cheese and quince jelly and a bottle of Adnos to hand. This takes us to mid-afternoon. The children take a siesta, while we move on to a few hands of poker washed down again with that cava.


summer with wine


-Barbecue, a summer institution: The flames are about to become embers, and soon it will be time for family and friends to round off the day with a summer barbecue. Meat, vegetables and wine. We have several to uncork. While waiting for the barbecue to sizzle we drink Enterizo Macabeo, with the food (once the meat and vegetables are on the table) we enjoy Aula Garnacha and Aula Verdejo, and the evening comes slowly to a close with after-dinner conversation and Enterizo Reserva.


summer with wine

-Filmin and reserva: There’s some Enterizo Reserva still in the bottle and the last couple of drinks are going to be paired with a classic movie from Filmin (this summer we have moved on from Netflix). The Godfather begins. This is a time for family, after all, as is any time of year.


Now it’s your turn. Put your summer plan together and tell us what you intend to pair Coviñas with. If you want to, you can share your top moments with us on social networks. Our account is @bodegas_covinas

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