The best red wines – What makes them chart toppers?


We all know that the quality of a wine and its price are closely linked in terms of categorizing it as a fine wine or not, and so it is in high-end wines that the reputation and prestige of top red wines is at issue. But at Grupo Coviñas we firmly believe that you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy the best red wines

That’s why we come to work every day to bring you the best red wines at unbeatable value for money. On top of that, the quality of what we produce is supported by the awards achieved at the most prestigious international competitions like the Berliner Wein Trophy, the Mundus Vini, the International Zarcillo Awards and the Mezquita Awards.

How is the best red wine in the world chosen?

No doubt, on at least one occasion, you’ve chosen a red wine because of its points rating or the prizes it’s received at the hands of leading world critics; or because of  recommendations in wine guides. But do you know how these ratings are arrived at? 

When rating a red wine there are several factors that are taken into account when assessing whether it is a world class wine:

  • Aroma and bouquet
  • Colour and appearance
  • Taste and aftertaste
  • Technical excellence (the balance of acidity, tannins, sugar levels…)
  • Overall rating 
  • Assessment of ageing potential.

However, there’s nothing like tasting for yourself, nor any better way of getting to know a wine than having it in front of you in a glass, so we invite you to discover for yourself what it is that makes some of our wines take top spot in competitions involving the best Spanish red wines.

Some of the best red wines made by Grupo Coviñas

In our Requena wineries we strive to create wines that are full of quality and personality, but always with the aim of allowing you to enjoy it as often as you like rather than waiting for a “special occasion” to drink a gold medal wine

You may know some of them, others you may never have heard of, but they have all won medals as best red wine. If there are any of these you haven’t tasted, we urge you to give them a try!

Aula de Autor Cabernet Sauvignon

This red wine comes from our best Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards, and was a winner at the Asia Wine Trophy (2019) competition, won gold at Mundus Vini (2019) and the Berliner Wine Trophy Winter Edition (2017), marking it out as one of the best Spanish red wines. 

This is a good, warm-climate red wine, that has matured into a perfect balance of fruit and oak. It is dark cherry red in colour with flashes of garnet, and on the nose we get aromas of dark fruit, chocolate, liquorice, with hints of tobacco and spices. In the mouth it is light, balanced, with smooth tannins with that touch of liquorice and chocolate.

best red wines

Veterum Vitium

This is one of our star wines. It was adjudged the best red wine at Mundus Vini (2018), Berliner Wein Trophy Summer Edition (2017) and Berliner Wine Trophy Winter Edition (2017). 

This wine is a young 100% Bobal with up to 6 months in used casks of American and French oak. It is an intense red in colour, with heady aromas of red and dark fruit, with a touch of eucalyptus and toastiness; in the mouth it is a balanced and fruit forward medium-bodied wine

best red wines

Enterizo Crianza

Are you looking for  a good, inexpensive red wine? Then Enterizo Crianza is the wine for you, no question! 

This 4€ wine was classified as one of the top red wines at  Asia Wine Trophy 2019, Berliner Wein Trophy Winter Edition 2019, Berliner Wein Trophy Summer Edition 2018, AWC Vienna 2017 and Asia Wine Trophy 2017. 

It is a blend of three grape varieties: tempranillo, garnacha and bobal. It is an attractive cherry red in colour with more intense glints of garnet. On the nose it offers fruit aromas with balsamic and spicy notes; it has a smooth, velvety feel in the mouth with good structure and gentle tannins ending in a lingering, tasty finish that leaves you wanting to have another sip. 

The awards achieved by this wine are all the introduction necessary to convince you that the quality of a wine isn’t always a question of price. An inexpensive wine can also be the best red wine in the world.

best red wines

If there is one thing that is hard to turn down, it’s a good red wine from our wineries. Don’t miss out, take a look at our catalogue and run your way through the gamut of our top red Utiel Requena wines!

These are some of our top red wines and, despite the difficult situation we’re going through, we working day in day out so that you can enjoy our best red wines available in 2020 in the comfort of your home.  We’ve done the same with our rosés, which won four gold medals at  Berliner 2020 Winter Edition! These results allow us to brag that our Bobal rosés are among the best wines in the world

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