Vegan wine: Coviñas achieves the V-Label seal of quality

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There are times that remind us that it’s all worth it in the end. Here at Grupo Coviñas we’re celebrating. Why? We’ve just been awarded the V-Label, the seal of quality for vegan and vegetarian products. From now on all our young wines (from the 2019 vintage onwards) will carry the V-Label. You might be wondering: vegan wine? Aren’t grapes the main ingredient in wine, so shouldn’t it be a veggie product automatically? Relax, we’re here today to explain all about vegan wine, as well as to pop a few corks.
If there is one thing that we’re all about at Grupo Coviñas it’s teamwork, the work ethic and generosity, core values that run all the way through our production process. Coviñas is respectful towards the environment our grapevines are grown according to principles of minimal intervention. All this is inching us towards our eventual goal of organic certification throughout our range.

Vegan Wine

Vegan wine?

Yes, you read it right, vegan wine, but first things first. To think of veganism as a fad is old hat. Concerns over climate change and animal welfare have seen more and more people going vegan every day, or at the very least reducing their consumption of animal products. 

The growing interest in ways of life that are more respectful towards the environment and animals is undeniable, as we look to make a more sustainable world for everyone. And here at Grupo Coviñas we have joined the cause. How about you? You’re no doubt doing your bit one way or another. In all likelihood, you know someone who would be delighted to hear about, and uncork, our vegan wine.

What makes a wine vegan?

Vegan Wine

Why isn’t wine, which is made from fruit, not automatically a vegetarian product? For wine, it’s not so much about the ingredient, but how it’s made. Grapes, the main ingredient in wine, come from plants and as such are vegan and vegetarian friendly. But, at the very end of the winemaking process, wine is clarified, and the fining agents generally used can include products of animal origin. That’s why certain adjustments need to be made before a wine can be deemed vegan.

Clarification happens just before bottling, and involves getting rid of suspended particles, such as sugars, tannins and proteins, that can make the wine cloudy and affect its taste. This is when some products of animal origin tend to be used, such as casein (a milk protein), gelatine (made from animal cartilage) or egg white.

As an alternative to these, more and more wineries are using mineral and organic fining agents. These are proteins derived from plant-based foods, such as wheat, potatoes or peas. And this is what we use to make Grupo Coviñas’ young wines.

How to tell if a wine is vegan?

As yet there is no specific legislation or norm for the certification of vegan wine in Spain. However, there is an organization called the Spanish Vegetarian Union (Unión Vegetariana Española – UVE) which has undertaken to identify that no animal-based products have been used in a product and that the environment and animals have  been respected throughout the production process. 

Through the UVE, producers of vegan wines carry the European Vegetarian Label (V-Label). This V-Label is an internationally recognized symbol for labelling vegan and vegetarian services and products. 

Vegan Wine

The V-Label acts as a guarantee so that consumers can be sure that a product is free of any animal-based ingredient, as this seal of quality is only awarded after an exhaustive series of tests and audits.

And here at Grupo Coviñas we have joined the cause

Veganism is growing bit by bit in Spain and all over the world, and there are more and more vegan wines. Though this isn’t just about consumer demand, but rather about trying to understand a philosophy, and respecting animals and the environment.

If you share this way of thinking, what are you waiting for to try our Utiel Requena wines? As of now all our young wines (starting with the 2019 vintage) boast the V-Label. So, enjoy the wine that’s always been there, but like never before! Treat your palate to some very special aromas and sensations, secure in the knowledge that these are vegan wines, wines to suit all tastes. There’s no longer any reason to go without that glass of wine!

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