The 5.5 hectares of old grapevines in the vineyards known as “El Matorral” and “El Rubial” produce the grapes that go into Adnos Bobal, a wine that gives full expression to this grape variety. After ageing for 24 months in French and American oak, the wine develops a truly unique personality.


Adnos has just received a 92-point rating from the 2022 Peñín Guide. This full-bodied yet well-balanced wine fully conveys the essence of the Bobal grape and the land it grows on. Its recommended retail price, compared to other wines with similar scores, makes it undoubtedly a best buy in terms of quality-to-price ratio.

It is a firm favourite with wine critics, with ABC 2021 guide awarding it 93 points this year following on from the 92 points the wine got from SEVI 2020. And now, the 2022 Peñín Guide, the doyen and flagship of Spanish wine guides, has given the wine a score that puts it clearly in the guide’s “excellent” category.

In the words of José Miguel Medina, president of Coviñas, “at Coviñas we are fully aware that we have the most precious heritage that the winemaking world can offer, old vineyards and vines, which we are honour-bound to protect and nurture as well as we possibly can, because it is these grapes that allow us to make wines such as ADNOS, a true treat for the palate. Our growth in output is always sustainable because it is based on looking after the land, the vineyards and the winegrowers who tend them”.

For Coviñas, sustainability is non-negotiable, not only when it comes to winemaking, but also in the management of the winery’s water resources, overall energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources of energy, such as the solar power plant that we have installed on top of the barrel warehouse.

Today, Coviñas is an economic powerhouse in the region. It produces more than 16 million bottles a year that are sold all over the world, in more than 30 countries, carrying the Utiel Requena PDO trademark around the globe, generating employment and wealth. All this is thanks to the 3,000 families who make up Grupo Coviñas, without whose effort and commitment none of this would be possible. Our cooperative structure offers attractive growth potential while working in harmony with the environment.


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