What to enjoy with Cavas from Requena this summer?

vacaciones verano vino

It’s time to get packing for the summer holidays, but we urge you to do a crucial something before you star: get your wine order in, ready for those hot days ahead!

In this summer weather we go for fresh wines, young reds, whites, rosés and, of course, Cavas!

Today we offer some ideas for summer food matches to go with the different Cavas we produce at Coviñas. Check these out:

Cava Aula Brut Rosé for rice dishes:

The Cava sits chilling in an ice-filled wine cooler as we put the finishing touches on the meal, a wonderful rice dish, perhaps an old favourite, “arroz del señoret”. This is one of the tastiest of all summer pairings, and even better if topped off with good company and a great sea view.


Cava Aula Brut Nature for pasta, salads and poke bowl.

The options are limitless, but here are two very different ideas:
A classic, easy and lip-smacking dish that is a home-cooking classic: pasta carbonara. This is great with a glass of Aula Brut Nature, because the cava cuts through the fattiness of the pancetta (or, better still, guanciale).
If you’re on trend and looking to eat healthy and tasty food, I bet you love a poke bowl, a summer favourite. So, tofu or chicken poke, a glass of Aula Brut Nature, and you’re all set to impress your guests and share the love!!


Enterizo Reserva Brut Nature for seafood:

Can you imagine summer without a super seafood blow-out? Or without its perfect pairing… 36 months of ageing make Enterizo Reserva Brut Nature the ideal partner for a night of seafood and Cava. Try it with some grilled red prawns, it’ll knock everyone’s socks off!

Aula SemiSeco for fruit salad:

Summer is the season of fruit, grapes, figs, plums, plum, peaches, melon, watermelon, pears, nectarines, apricots… the list goes on, and a juicy piece of fruit is hard to beat, all the more so if you enjoy it with a glass of Cava, so much the better. We suggest a Cava with touch of sweetness, so Aula SemiSeco may hit the spot.


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