Different types of wine glass: size does matter


We all like to enjoy a nice glass of wine, whether with friends, family, our partner or even alone in  those precious moments we have all to ourselves. But, I wonder if you’ve ever noticed that the same wine does not always have quite the same taste. The thing is, there are many factors that influence the taste of wine, such as the types of glasses we use to drink it from, what we have it with or our state of mind when drinking it. 

There are psychological and physical factors that affect the taste of wine. We cannot control or plan for psychological factors, but we can control physical factors, such as the temperature of the wine, the food pairing and the glassware. And each and every one of these factors affects our senses. 

  • Temperature: If this isn’t right, the wine will inevitably seem higher in alcohol, lower in fruit, more astringent…
  • Food match: Similarly, the foods we pair the wine with are going to combine in the mouth and enhance or disguise key characteristics that will determine, to an extent, how much we are going to enjoy a wine.
  • Types of wine glass: The glassware is no less important. How a wine is presented to the senses is vital. When choosing the ideal glass, there are essentially two things to consider: the type of wine we are going to drink and our budget.. 

Why are there so many types of wine glass?

Naturally, the types of wine glasses and glasses in general that are out there are designed to highlight the flavours and aromas of all types of wine, adding to the whole experience. The type of glass enables the wine to express its qualities, and even enhance them..

That’s why different types of wine glass are made for different types of wine, so that we can more easily recognize the properties of the wine when tasting it and smelling it, since wine glasses are also designed to emphasize (or not) the aromas of the wine. The main differences between win glasses are to be found in the bowl and the rim. To start with, a wine glass is composed of several parts, the base or foot, the stem, the bowl and the rim. The base and stem must be comfortable to hold, since their function is to make holding the glass easy. The different shapes of these elements are aimed at achieving the perfect type of wine glasses to enhance the flavour and aromas of any given wine.

different types of wine glass
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Different types of wine glass: to each wine its glass 

Not every shape of glass is right for your favourite wine. The wine glass is a key factor when it comes to enhancing the sensations offered by a wine. So, take heed, as today at Grupo Coviñas we describe the most common types of wine glass so that not one further day goes by without your wine tasting experience being as perfect as possible.

Red wine glass

For red wines we should choose glasses with large bowls and a wide rim to help oxygenate the wine. It is easy if you think of your glass as a decanter, the more complex the wine, the bigger you want the both and the mouth to be to promote that contact with the air. For purists, there are different bowls for different grape varieties, with the shape of the bowl and the rim changing so as to best present the characteristics of each variety

different types of wine glass

White wine glass

In general, the glasses for white and rosé wine are smaller than those for reds. Their rims are narrower as they are made with the intention of concentrating the more delicate aromas characteristic of white wines. In addition, white wines present their flavours and aromas better when they are served cool, therefore, one of the basic functions of this type of glass is to keep the wine cool, as well as to preserve the floral aromas that characterize some white wines. 

As for red wines, there are different types of wine glass depending on the style of the wine and/or the grape variety. For example, it is better to serve a barrel-fermented Chardonnay in a wider glass than a floral Riesling, which requires a narrower glass that helps to the concentrate its aromas.

Flute glass

For cava or sparkling wine, flute glasses of medium height are usually used, as these make the bubbles slowly rise towards the surface and help us to appreciate the more subtle aromas. They are a very glamorous form of wine glass, although they can be quite a challenge to wash.

different types of wine glass

Dessert wine glass 

Smaller glasses are usually used for sweet wines. Their smaller size and slightly curved rim makes it easier for us to swirl the contents and get the most out of the aromas without spilling a drop.

Now that you know about the different types of wine glass available, you make each glass of wine special. Enjoy your favourite wines more than ever.

We recommend that you invest in good glassware that fits your needs and your wallet. Be practical when choosing and remember that size does matter.

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