What does your favourite wine say about you?


At Coviñas, we’re pretty sure your preferred wine says something about the sort of person you are. Based on the style of wine you choose, people will be able to make out the most significant traits of your personality; for example, whether you’re an extrovert or a loner; whether you’re a risk-taker; or whether you like to follow your own style rather than be a slave to fashion.  Would you like to know what information you’re revealing to others through your favourite wine? 

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Tell me the wine you drink and I’ll tell you who you are

Is it the wine that influences the personality of the person who drinks it? Or does the drinker define the drink? This is a subject that was considered centuries ago by the Greeks and the Romans, who believed that wine was an intrinsic element of some their gods, especially Dionysus/Bacchus: god of wine, freedom and ecstasy. Maybe this is why the characteristics of a wine and the person drinking it began to become intertwined.

Whatever lies behind it, we adhere to the famous saying In vino veritas (“in wine lies truth”) and think that, whatever your favourite wine, it speaks volumes about you. Let’s see if we’re right!

What does your wine reveal about you?

White Wine

White wines lovers are:

  • Extroverts
  • Sarcastic
  • Curious 
  • Fun
  • Generally hard-working and demanding
  • They always seek perfection – and occasionally a party. 

If you’re a dyed in the wool fan of Sauvignon Blanc, such as Al Vent Sauvignon Blanc, you’re likely to be someone who likes to be up to date, to follow the latest trends and generally pretty chic.

favourite wine

Red Wine

This is the wine of choice of the elegant and sophisticated. They can be overorganized, slightly pretentious, quiet and a little bit introverted. Red wine drinkers are passionate and often Immerse themselves In the world of wine. They tend not to hesitate when choosing a wine and this shows us that they are people who are confident In themselves

These traits are particularly observable in people who choose an oak-aged Crianza such as Enterizo Crianza. If this is your favourite style of wine, we are pretty sure that it shows your “joie de vivre” and delight in life’s little pleasures.

If you’re a red wine person, someone who’s stylish, sophisticated and a natural leader, then you’re bound to choose an Aula wine, like our “Aula de Autor” Cabernet Sauvignon. On the other hand, if you’re a more moderate, easy-going type, who is interesting and interested in others, we reckon your red wine is a Gran Reserva such as our Enterizo Gran Reserva.

Rosé Wine

If you’re favourite wine is rosé, then you’re smiley, energetic, good-humoured, free-spirited, friendly and a bit of a dreamer. We have always thought that our Enterizo Bobal Rosado is the favourite wine of relaxed, positive people, who aren’t afraid of change, who are a little bit different and look to enjoy the moment. Does this sound like you? 


Cava is the wine of choice of people who’ve always got something to celebrate. Those who drink cava are intelligent and glamorous. They tend to be spontaneous, self-confident, dynamic and great improvisers. So, if you’re favourite wine is our Auténtico Cava Brut, then you’re not one for “To-Do Lists” or slavishly following rules.

favourite wine

The next time that you go to a do, try to check out what the people around you are like according to what’s in their glass, maybe it will say more about them that what they actually tell you. Though don’t go overboard, because people, like wine, can be full of surprises.

Have we got your personality right? What do you reckon others will be thinking when you order your wine of choice? Whatever it might be, carry on doing what’s most important: enjoying a nice glass of wine!

At our wineries in Requena, we work hard to make sure that every one of our wines has its own character, which you can turn to as you feel, and we hope that what we’ve said here will help you to feel a special connection with the wine you choose.

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