Four wines for four kinds of mothers


They say you should always love your mother because you’ll never get another, and naturally no one knows a mother’s different moods and preferences better than her children. That’s why, though we know that every day is a good wine day, this is particularly so on the first Sunday in May, Mother’s Day in Spain. For the occasion we’ve chosen four Coviñas wines to pair with different kinds of Mum, or different sides of all Mums. Stay with us:


-For the chic and outgoing mother who likes to put on the Ritz:

For her we choose Veterum Vitium. We raise a glass of this wine to toast those mothers who seem to have an impressive ability (which sadly never seems to get passed on) to put away a bottle of red wine without batting an eyelid. Now, that’s stylish and elegant. It’s not just about the outfit, is it?




-For old school mothers:

To these we offer our Enterizo Crianza. This is a Coviñas classic, among the most prizewinning wines produced by the bodega. This is for those mothers who always have a bit of bread to hand, and some chorizo or cheese, when you drop by for a visit, and always say straight off the bat: “You’re looking too thin, you need to come by more often so we can put some meat on those bones.”




-For the huggers:

The aromas of flowers and fresh fruit released when uncorking an Aula Rosado are just right for mothers who make everything better with a hug, who always know just what to say when you most need them, and who always believe that everything will come up roses – or maybe rosé.




-For the life and soul of the party:

Bubbly and then more bubbly. Our Cava A Reserva is for fun-loving mothers, who live life to the full and always seem to have just baked something and happen to have some glasses to hand for a drop of sparkling cava, as no one leaves her house with room for more.




How about you? What kind of mother are you? Or what kind of mother is yours? Hopefully, the very thought of her has brought a smile to your lips. Be sure to put a smile on hers by raising a glass together on Sunday, May 2.




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