Coviñas unveils the new-look VETERUM

VETERUM from Coviñas has a new look as part of the winery’s restyling of our most emblematic brands. If last year it was the Enterizo that showed off its new styling, this year it the spotlight is on VETERUM, an exclusive Bobal wine, made from carefully selected old vine grapes.

This project arose from the need to update the image of Coviñas’ flagship brands. As Jorge Srougi, Coviñas’ sales manager, says, “the aim was to move towards a much more eye-catching design that communicates and expresses the type of wine inside the bottle, a high quality, special wine that embodies our history and our territory.”

Here, a design has been developed to catch the eye with its texture, inviting you to behold the bottle and cradle it in your hands to better appreciate the details. The front label is embossed to represent the rough-hewn, gnarled quality of old vines. This is a nod to the type of vineyard, with old grapevines of very low production volumes, where the vines have developed very deep roots to absorb the nutrients they need to produce fruit. They are bush vines that are harvested by hand, bunch by bunch. These vines also evoke the history of a region and the generations who have tended them.

VETERUM Bobal de Viñas Viejas is an aromatically complex wine that combines notes of oak alongside the powerful fruit of the Bobal grape. It matures briefly in second-year French and American oak casks, allowing the wine to gain in structure while the tannins are rounded out and softened.
On the palate it is well-balanced, with silky, polished tannins and lingering red fruit. It goes very well with a variety of dishes such as grilled meats, risottos and carpaccio.


Veterm Orange

As with VETERUM Old Vines Bobal, this VETERUM Orange has been developed with a particular eye on the export market. It is a wine made from the fruit of old Macabeo vines with the special feature that its production process involves no prior extraction, giving a higher than usual tannic content for a white wine with subtle differences in colour, mouth feel and taste. All in all, it is a special wine for a very specific consumer segment. This monovarietal wine is aimed at the export market, where it has made an excellent start, winning a Gold Medal at the summer edition of the Berliner Wein Trophy 2022.

This year there were Gold Medals awarded to three Coviñas wines, confirming the quality of the three flagship ranges:

-Veterum Vitium Orange
-Enterizo Brut
-Aula Brut


veterum from coviñas



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