Matching music and wine for the September back to work blues

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The September blues (what the Spaniards call uphill September, also used of post-holidays January) are here. These combine the end of the holidays, going back to school or to work, and bracing ourselves for the last stretch of the year. They include new resolutions, like going to the gym to remove those excess summer pounds, or that new Master’s course that’s about to start… It may sound exhausting, but it all depends on how you look at things. We like to help you to see things in the most positive way possible, while adding a little something by suggesting possible wine pairings. Yes, it’s wine matching time again, but this time we match wine with music.

We all know that music can influence our behaviour and our feelings. And, according to a recent study by Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University, the style of music we listen to at the time influences the taste of the wine we are drinking.

An inspired pairing of music and wine can simultaneously heighten our drinking and listening pleasure. That’s why we at Coviñas have tested the theory for you. Helped by a lot of wine-tasting and frequently cranking our speakers up to 11, we’ve come to a conclusion regarding the music that is most in harmony with our wines. Interested?


These are our recommendations:


-If you have a bottle of our Adnos 100% old vine Bobal on the table, put on some Bob Dylan and listen loud. We were aptly blown away by ‘Blowin’ in the wind’. We like to hear Dylan growl the immortal line ‘The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind’ while swirling our timeless Bobal around the palate. Harmony and rhythm hand in hand in every sense.


-Thinking about uncorking a bottle of our Aula Macabeo-Sauvignon Blanc? A fresh, up-front white wine, whose vibrant fruit almost French kisses your mouth, has paired off with ‘Sex on fire’ by Kings of Leon. So much so that, with this song on a loop, and consumed with what’s to transpire, we’ve been known to open several bottles.


-Or were your holidays more about red wine and taking it easy, an Aula Bobal-Tempranillo in your hand while watching a spectacular sunset spread across the evening sky? We have the perfect choice for your headphones: ‘Moon River’, as sung by Carla Bruni. Sensuality, finesse, elegance…


-If it’s a bubbly night and you already have some Enterizo Brut Nature fizzing in your glass, with wonderful company waiting to toast the evening against a timeless musical backdrop, we don’t hesitate and go straight to Nina Simone singing ‘Don’t let me be misunderstood’. Bubbles and voice combine to bring harmony to the world around us.


-OK, you’re a suave gentleman who has prepared an elegant, sophisticated, top-notch dinner. And you want an equally polished wine to go with it, and music that chimes perfectly with that drop and that moment. We offer you the perfect pair. In your glass is Veterum Vitium, our Bobal made from 80-year-old vines and matured in French and American oak casks. And in the background Leonard Cohen is singing ‘Everybody Knows’, for a suitably serious mood.


These are some of the suggestions that we have come across over the summer months, while enjoying a bit of a break and relaxing with a glass of wine. Those uphill September blues seem a little less steep than they did just a moment ago, and all because of a glass of wine, the right song and a positive attitude.


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